Your head start in developer job search

Are you tired of completing a long technical screening round for every job application? Wish you could do it once and do it well? Thorough screening isn’t going away, but many hiring managers will use existing code and other evidence as a conversation starter, giving you a head start.

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A new approach to applications

Build your best profile

We write DRY code all day, but tend to ignore these principles
when we start a job search. Let's change that.

How it works

With our help, you'll showcase the very best of what you’re good at. This goes into a profile that you can use - and adapt - for every job you apply for.

Quickly create something that's more impactful than a resume

Feature code as a conversation starter to help fast-track interview processes

Create a series of unique profiles tailored for various roles or industries

Share unique URLs with each prospective employer

Example profile
Example code evidence

Designed for Developers

You decide which evidence will best show technical hiring managers what you can do, including:

Code samples hosted on our private Git repo

Open source contributions, with space to describe the interesting parts

Our 45min takehome exercise

Coding exercises you've already completed

Recorded behavioural interview with one of our friendly technical recruiters

Recorded code walkthroughs

Coming soon

Find your dream team

Browse companies to research the market and find your ideal role in a supportive team.

Filter, search and shortlist companies

Instantly see a company’s values, products and tech stack

Learn about your future colleagues

Know their interview process upfront

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You’re always in control

What goes into your profile and who gets access is up to you.

Privacy and consent are key. When you control who gets access, you're free to  express yourself fully. Let's showcase the work that employers want to see.

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We look ahead so you'll never miss a step up

We’re a team of technical recruiters who are technical ourselves. Based in Australia, we’ve hired developers for over a decade and have a well trained eye for what works in hiring and what doesn’t.

We're deeply involved in the dev community. If anyone has a shot at knowing every great employer - it’s us.

Lookahead team


This app is new, so no questions have been asked frequently. This is what we think folks might be curious about.

Why does this exist?

A LOT of time is wasted in long, drawn-out screening processes for developer jobs. Companies (rightly) want to know as much as possible before hiring someone, but they often ask similar questions. With our help, you’ll gather the evidence that most companies are looking for, giving you a big head start.

How much time will it take to create a profile?

You’ll quickly be able to create something better than a resume. Investing more time to complete coding challenges or upload existing code creates reusable components that will save you lots of time across multiple job applications.

Will I still need to interview?

Yes, but your interviews are likely to be more effective. Your profile gives employers more meaningful and demonstrative insights into your abilities, likely fast-tracking the process and giving you a better success rate.

How do you make money?

We charge companies a fee for hiring developers. With a complete profile, you’ll see details on those companies and can apply if you wish.

Of course, many developers will create a profile and find a job on their own, which is fine by us too. We're here to be useful to all developers. So, you don’t pay us anything, but we get to earn money by delivering mutually beneficial outcomes for employers and developers alike.

What’s the process?

After registering, here’s what happens roughly in this order:

1) Chat with our team about your professional hopes and dreams.
2) Participate in an interview. If you like, it can be recorded so you can use this for job applications.
3) Collate evidence of your work. Things like highlighting relevant open source contributions, adding a resume, uploading coding challenges or taking our 45min technical assessment, for example.
4) Discuss companies that might be suitable and categorise them as: [yes, interview now], [maybe later], [not interested].
5) Send your profile to the companies you're interested in and see when it's been viewed.

We schedule interviews with our clients and share feedback as it comes up. You manage your own direct applications, but know that your recruiter is always around as a friendly sounding board for those roles too.

How long will my profile exist for?

It's up to you. You control how access is granted or revoked, and you can delete your profile altogether whenever you choose.

Is my data secure? is hosted in Google’s Sydney datacentres on their Cloud Run managed framework. We use the same philosophy everywhere, with techniques like `FROM scratch` Docker containers with a statically linked binary containing the application.

Our database is hosted on Google Cloud SQL, with managed security and backups.

Reputation means everything in our line of work and we are not willing to risk it. Your profile is private by default and we give you controls to manage how it's shared. You create private links to your profile and share them as you see fit. We track the views on those links and support scheduled expiry and immediate revocation of them. All profiles are noindex, nofollow so GoogleBot will turn a blind eye.

Looking to hire developers?

Our initial focus is building something that’s useful to developers. Soon, we’ll also start onboarding employers who need help hiring.